Student Nomination Story

What were your biggest challenges and concerns before you met him or her? My biggest challenge was to like explain what we were learning in that class to other students, my concern was is she going to be a positive, adventurous teacher. Why is your teacher special? My teacher is special because she always has this positive energy in my class, and I’m like “Why is Ms. Leet so happy today?” And another thing that makes her special is that she loves to paint and I got her this gift and in the gift was new sets of paint that I don’t think that she needed but I gave it to her anyway. Have your dreams for your future changed? Yes, because I think that I could be a great Science Teacher and what she has taught me has stuck with me since Trimester one and it’s actually fun to see you and your teacher grow just not as a person but as teacher.

Miski Anwar

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