Student Nomination Story

Mrs. Root has been one of the most influential teachers I have ever had. From the moment I first enrolled in her class, I was out into a new environment of taking notes, turning them in, and being engaged in class. She keeps her google classroom page very organized which is helpful so a busy student. In class, she tries different methods to make sure the class is comprehending and understanding the material. This includes Kahoot, Quizlet, walk-around activities, and activities on paper. Each day Mrs. Root reaches out to students and asks how their night was, etc. I can see she cares for her students and tries to help them in anyway she can. She wrote a letter of recommendation as soon as I asked, and she was honored to do so. She supports the fundraisers students have, and has no issue purchasing from multiple students. She even participates in the Rosary Club, which I find very special. Mrs. Root’s character alone is enough to receive a nomination, the atmosphere she brings to the classroom and upbeat vibe.

Abigail Stimley

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