Student Nomination Story

My teacher, Ms. Ekpe is my volleyball coach as well. She has impacted me personally because she is always tough on me because the wants me to do my best. She knows that I have the power in me to do my best so, she doesn't except mediocre work from me. She always pushes me to do my best. This past volleyball season I would always feel like I was never good enough like all the other girls, I would often leave practice or the games upset because I felt like I messed up because coach was always yelling at me. At the end of the night I feel motivated to try harder next time I have a game or practice. The season has ended now. I still feel like I could do better but I know that I have grown and just need to believe and stay motivated. Ms. Ekpe is a great teacher and makes sure that she will push her scholars to do their best because she believes in us.

Nadia Quaye

She has helped me realize that some of my home problems can be solved by me changing how I behave myself, based on the book she decided to have our class read, "7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens." This has also helped me think about my future as a whole, and how I want to be as an adult and person altogether. Not only that, but with the culture/identity paper she had us type earlier in the year, she helped me realize that while I may not base myself and my beliefs on those of my family and society as a whole, they have still helped shape the person I've become.

Meah Wallace

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