Student Nomination Story

She's inspired me to get me back on track she constantly checks on me to see if I've been doing my work and working well and if it's hard on me or not and if they are she'll make sure she can help me get an understanding. Mrs. Cason's classroom is a room of comfort her classroom is somewhere I can go to feel safe. I was once a bad kid who'd hardly showed up to class and barely passed government but now with her as my Econ teacher she makes sure I have time to work on my quizzes and test. Thanks to her I bumped my 67% to a 72%. Thanks to her I'm passing Econ and making my way to graduating. Thank you, Mrs. Cason.

Scot Logan

What an amazing teacher, Mrs. Cason has helped me so much in my senior year, not only to pass my government and econ class, but to also teach me life lessons and prepare me for greater things in life.

Hudson Hoff

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