Student Nomination Story

Mrs. Valiton helped me see what I couldn't, she helped me understand math more. Before I was in her class I dreaded the word Math, Math was making my life awful, until 5th grade. I entered her class last school year with no high hopes, from day one she made her class feel enthusiasm t words anything! She helped me specifically in math so much that this year I am doing 6th-grade math in 5th grade! She always pushes us hard t words success, right when we are about to give up, she picks us up and helps us to the finish. For social studies she makes us feel as though we are that person, fighting for women rights, freedom etc. she is different than any other teacher I know. She has confidence in us even when we don't have it in our selves, for example, she is already having us do Spanish in 5th and 6th grade. She always encourages a lot of class talk, so we can tell her what we think and why. When we think something is too hard she always proves us wrong, when we need that extra encouragement she is there right by our sides, like a personal cheerleader. I feel like I have nothing to lose in her class, just ask any other students in her class, everyone loves her! She goes above and beyond to help us, she is patient to no end, she means everything to me. I know that you will have many other great submissions, but I'd like you to know that this is her last year teaching, and no one in my eye can top her.

Sawyer Hessler

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