Student Nomination Story

I remember the first day of school Junior year at Arrowhead and 8th hour I had credit recovery. I’m so tired from waking up at 6am, everyday during the summer I would just sleep until 10am. After Toting around my heavy backpack overfilled with school supplies I walked and sat down at a desk and opened my laptop but not knowing what to do I fell asleep. Mrs cull puts down the phone “Hmm what do you think you’re doing sleeping in my class” in the back of my head I half hear that and instantly sit up dreading that I made a mistake. But it wasn’t that bad. She gave me instructions and walked me through the program I was going to be doing for that semester. The bell rings and I think to myself it's not that bad I can handle this. So the next day I sit down and grind out a bunch of work. Just the room itself motivates you to do school work for no specific reason. Computer dies Mrs Cull she can supply you with a charger or can you use one of the 25 desktops lined up. Or if you need help on something you're stuck on she will assist you until you find the answer. Her personality is chill and laid back but won't let you slack off. The most impactful time was the last 2 weeks of semester 2, the last pinch of trying to get anything that I’ve missed done. “Hows your day today, Coby what are we working on today” “Um I’m going to work on my Environmental bio assignment I have” “Alright let me know if you need any help” The assitance she provided felt great because the first assignment of the school year felt like a pain. I don’t remember what the exact assignment was but it was like a drawing on air quality or something like that. I remember getting stuck like half way through it and she saw my pencil still as if I was a statue. She realizes the all of sudden struggle I'm having to complete. “Mrs cull says do you need help and I was like sure” “Bring it over here then and I’ll help you” She points to that specific part of my diagram and says “Can you move that over there” “Nice work” I submit it on canvas and the next day I look at my gmail to see a canvas alert 20/20. December 7th 2021, 2 weeks left until christmas break and the semester ends I have decent grades all Bs but this one class I had a F in I was slacking off like 75 percent of the time and she helped me recover the credit.

Coby Ebert

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