Student Nomination Story

We would like to nominate Mrs. Lauren Eisinger because she is beyond unbelievable. When a child has a disability it is important to meet that child where they are and not teach them based on general instructions. Mrs. Eisinger goes above and beyond, she is caring, she truly wants the best for her students and her goal is obviously to help the children reach their max potential. Every child has the capability to grow although, it is the village that surrounds them that will shape their future. One of her greatest successes as I see it is she believes in her students and because of that the students follow suit. She is their fan on the sidelines, right next to them cheering them on. She offers structure but so much love. When a child as a strong support team that tells him/her they can do it they will be more motivated to do so. A note she sent "...back in September the combination of those two events could have spiraled into a big deal, but I am so proud of how well he handled himself. I always tell him that it's OK to be angry or upset, but what you do with those feelings is what's important. He has matured so much and I am so proud of him..." She is such a huge part of that village that is lifting him up. Mrs. Eisinger is a true exemplary professional. Thank you for your time.

Nicholas Gencarelli

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