Student Nomination Story

Ms.Bolinski By Braylon Reading, grade 11 I have never been the best at English in any way you could think of. I have always wanted to improve my grammar, writing, and reading skills. Went into 6th grade and met my homeroom teacher for the first time Ms.Bolinski. Energy instantly matched, surprising me because 12 year old me had too much. Ms.Bolinski with her very outgoing personality invites everyone into her class and her life. I remember telling myself that these next years were going to be mine for once. With Ms.Bolinski pushing me along the way. She got to know all her students like no one else and figured out pretty quickly that I am not the best at getting my work in. With calmness in her voice and body movement, she would come to tell me every study hall don’t you still have something to get done for me? Even with her being a short long-haired redhead I was pretty scared to disappoint her. She was able to do that with almost all her students and acted like almost our second mom. She made sure that everyone was feeling okay every day. If she could tell we weren’t doing the best she would take us aside and just talk to us. She would do everything in her power to make sure we were okay before she made sure all our assignments were in. Being our homeroom teacher and English was a lot to handle with my class and she still somehow found the drive to help us and make us happy every day. Some people in our class had a little problem with turning in all of their assignments on time including me. She would take her personal time and print out everyone’s missing assignments cut them out and give them to us and give us a day she wants us to report back to her with proof they are all turned in. We knew she did not like doing this especially the fact that we would all groan whenever we got a slip, but this was the best way I have ever had someone handle it. We would have some really unproductive classes with her sometimes but that is because she would decide to come to sit at one of our tables and talk about how our writing is going. That would start off with questions and then just turn into what is happening in life or what the new tea was. A 45 minute class time turned into what seemed like a 15-minute conversation. I have never had a teacher that was more down-to-earth with her students and one that has as much empathy for her student, as Ms.Bolinski. The only reason I am the person I am today is because of all those extra steps she took for me and the rest of my class. The connection that we made throughout those three years will never be forgotten. Thank you Ms.Bolinski for everything you have done in anyone’s life. I don’t know if I said that before but you have made an impact on the world with all your students.

Braylon Reading

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