Student Nomination Story

I respect Laura frieden, she first met my child in 2nd grade, he got way behind because he had trouble hering untill he got tubes in his ears which we didnt notice the issue untill 2nd grade so hw became behind in reading which made all subjects a littlw hard since everything has to do with reading.. She is amazing she met him through a big rough patch. He had this i dont care attitude because he was behind and he picked up on it, so he decided not to try and give up become a class clown.. Well my child is just ending his 4th grade year he still has some troubles with reading but she made a huge break through with him i qas working so hard with him and between what i was doing her help my son actually started caring he pushed his self he startes to achieve goals he went from c d and f's to A and B's this year he was proud.. I am so proud of him, she worked hard to encourage him, try different strategies with him untill he got it. He has 2020/2021 (5th grade year) left to have her help. She is an amazing teacher, she was deicaded and works hard to help her students, even though she only gets a hour out the day with them she does amazing... She makes sure parents know eveything in whats going on thw struggles the climbs. She deffinitly helps every which way she can..

Aiden dobbs

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