Student Nomination Story

I have one of the best teachers in all the world! Her name is Mrs. Laura!! I know she’s listening when I speak because she kneels down and looks me in the eye. I miss my Mommy sometimes but Mrs. Laura always lets me sit close to her when my heart feels sad. She teaches me a lot about my feelings, which she says are called emotions. She helps me understand them and not be scared of them. She also teaches me about numbers, and letters, and our garden (there are icky worms in there). Mrs. Laura shows me how to care for myself and others, how to always wash my hands after I use the restroom, and how to practice patience (that one is super hard)! The very, very best thing about Mrs. Laura is she always speaks to me in a kind and patient voice. Sometimes adults talk to kids like me rudely because we’re small and it takes us a while to do things or even remember what we’re suppose to be doing - but not Mrs. Laura, she always gives me kindness, and that’s hugging someone with words!!

Dottie Ocampo

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