Student Nomination Story

I'm Maggie and at the beginning of this school year, I was sad to not be in the same class as I was in last year but by the end of the first day, I realized that I had nothing to be sad about because Ms.Kyra was so helpful and caring. Ms.Kyra makes going to school so much more fun. In Ms.Kyra's class, I never feel left out. She is constantly showing us all how much she cares about our education but also our happiness. She always has us doing fun activities but she also makes sure we are learning a lot. I have learned so much about so many different things from Ms.Kyra. She is an amazing person and that has motivated me to be a better person as well. She is always making sure that everyone in the classroom is treated equitably. She often talks (for long periods of time) about social justice and I find that very inspiring. Ms.Kyra has made me much more passionate about Anti-Racism and trying to create equity. Ms.Kyra has taught me so much about life and now every day when I wake up I am so excited to come to school all thanks to Ms.Kyra. This is a video of our class having a dance brake after doing school work blob:chrome-untrusted://media-app/bb57ad09-7d36-4574-82e7-3b8c08cd4c67

Maggie Lefkowits

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