Student Nomination Story

A little about myself is that I am formally a student of Mr. Sherer. I am now a mom and still love art. I thought school was very black and white and then once I started learning from Mr. Sherer my work and thinking became a rainbow of colors. Some of my challenges included dyslexia, and low self-confidence, but learning art gave me a sense of purpose fueled my creativity. He really cares for everyone, all of his students see him as a friend and parent figure. He will listen to anyone and helps everyone with educational or personal problems. Most students go to him as opposed to the councilor because of how personable and tentative he is. Thanks to him I feel confident and comfortable in myself and he has given me the tools to express myself and use art as a way to communicate and show emotions. My three children have learned a lot of lessons from me that I have learned from him. He is an amazing human with a bright soul. Everything he does is for others, even when he has summers off of school he still does things for his community and family. The whole school; staff, students, and parents all adore him. We Love You Mr. Sherer!!

Brianna Parkins

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