Student Nomination Story

As a parent with special needs student, high school years are so challenging. I am taking this opportunity to give my personal recommendation of Miss Kristin Heck for the teacher of the year award. During these high school years Mrs. Heck has managed to make herself an integral part of my child's education. Mrs. Heck teaching strength and positive qualities are numerous and she is dedicated and sincere. Her ability to help my child's behaviors is nothing short of extraordinary. She has been able to help my children calm down and stay on course. Her caring goes on beyond the classroom. I always know her number one goal is the student. From field trips to a place to get help Elijah knows he can always go to Mrs. Heck for help. When he has problems getting along with other students or teachers Mrs. Heck is a bridge. When his behaviors are getting out of control she is a de-escalator. We have care conferences she always make sure that all the needs of my child are met. She has the ability to inspire students to explore their gifts and I am confident she will continue to be a positive teacher . When we have care conferences she is always thoroughly prepared willing to work diligently and a great deal of planning has already taken place . She uses her teaching experiences opportunities to help the students grow and defined their skills. She's extraordinarily talented at connecting with her students in a creative and engaging way. She also has excellent communication skills with her students and the families which is evident when you're talking to her and this is why she has a strong teacher parent relationship.

Elijah Scott

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