Student Nomination Story

Little did I know my life would change for the better. I was doing amazing, Turning in all my work for my classes, getting A’s - B’s on all my tests and quizzes, Making some new friends. I was taking a class that I truly loved. I was taking a 2D design drawing class my best friend Allison was in the class. We were always goofing off and laughing to the point were Mrs. Falkner would have to yell at us and split us up. I got A’s and B’s in all of my classes. By the end of the year, my art classes were done. Allison and I still talk but not as much as we used to. I thought to myself, Next year I’m going to take more art classes. I need to keep going with what I’m good at. Sophomore Year came along after a long summer of just goofing off with friends. Maybe getting in a little innocent trouble. I decided I needed to do better in school this year and really push myself. I took as many art classes as I could that year. I took 3D- Design, and photography. I was really happy to find out that Mrs. Falkner was my 3D teacher. Mrs. Falkner is an amazing woman. She is caring, approachable, And compassionate. She’s the teacher who notices if something is up she will do everything in her power to make sure she can help. She is also a great mother to two little girls. I know she was a mother to me when I needed her to be. The year started off great I was doing good in school Again I was getting all A’s and B’s until one day in 3D design class. I received a text from my mom: “ I know you are in class at the moment but this is greater than school. I will call you in a second. I hope that’s ok.” When the text popped up on my home screen I read it and raised my hand. I asked Mrs. Falkner if it was ok I took a call quickly. She said it was fine. What I didn’t know is that this call would change my life forever. My phone rang at 1:20 middle of the 9th hour. Hesitantly I pick up my phone and look at Mrs. Falkner. She gives me a nod to say yes you may take the call. I answer. “Hi, mom you called ?” “Hi, sweetie I have some news for you…….” trying to hold back tears her voice cracks. All I could make out was: Grandma, Hospital. I go silent so silent you could hear a pin drop. Then as the words, Grandma and hospital kept rattling in my head my phone slips through my hand and smacks the ground. In disbelief, I sat there staring at the wall. With my hand still by my ear as if my phone was still there. “Hello?..... Sweetie?.... You still there?.... Hello?” Mrs. Falkner picked up my shattered phone off the ground and told my mom that I’m ok I just dropped my phone. I sprint out of the classroom and went to the bathroom. I cried so loud people thought someone was dying. As I’m balling my eyes out I hear pounding on the door. “ Hello anyone in there?” The person could hear me but I didn’t answer. They come barging into the bathroom finding me on the ground curled up in the fetus position. I look up with blurred vision to seeing the School police officer standing above me. Every day that year for the rest of the semester, No questions asked I would just walk into the art room and she sent an email to the study hall supervisors saying: I have Katelyn Varrelmann. She wouldn’t talk to me and she wouldn’t try to get me to talk. She would just send the email and let me be. That’s all I needed was someone to be there if I needed them. Turns out she was the teacher I needed. From that day forward I never went to study hall. I always went to Mrs. Falkner’s room to do art. Art was my only escape from all the bad in my life.

Katie Varrelmann

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