Student Nomination Story

Every child NEEDS a Mrs. Brewer in their life. There has never been a greater need in our schools for teachers of excellence. We have been fortunate enough that we have found exactly that in our son’s third grade teacher this year. Mrs. Brewer has the natural ability to make learning engaging for her students. She knows her subject matter well and is able to teach it to the students at their level. I am constantly impressed by the things my son comes home to share with us about his day. She is loving and patient with the students as they tackle new subjects. She encourages them and fosters their love of reading. Mrs. Brewer works well to communicate with all parents and makes us feel like we are a part of the classroom family. Mrs. Brewer is a leader in our school, as well as in our community where she is very active with her church. Teaching during a pandemic is not easy and Mrs. Brewer has set the bar high as an instructional leader in our school and community. One of our family’s biggest blessings this year is that our son is in her class. We know that she will always be there to cheer him on in the future. She is precisely who Honored needs to recognize for her exceptional job as a teacher.

Alex Byrd

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