Student Nomination Story

Mrs.Skiles has changed my life in several ways and others. She has taught for over 22 years as an ELA and Social Studies teacher, also doing several electives such as Leadership and Creative Writing. I had her for ELA and Social Studies in 6th, 7th, and 8th grade. I remember many moments with her being my teacher, like when covid started. She moved her classroom into the library, which flooded in the middle of the school year! She moved back to her standard classroom the next school year, which was a nice environment. I enjoyed the fact she cared about us and understood us. This school year, she had to move classrooms again because the middle and high school were combining! She made her classroom look nice again though, which others and I greatly appreciated. Mrs.Skiles and I talked about a pet for her classroom, and a month later, she had a hamster for the classroom! I really appreciate all that she is doing, especially with her busy schedule.

Riley Skiles

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