Student Nomination Story

My teacher Mrs. Oswald has had impact in my life and my fellow friends' lives. Mrs. Oswald has been working with me and most of my other classmates for two years. We met her in fourth grade then she and the whole class (including some new students) moved up into the next grade, fifth grade. Yes, she had to deal with a very crazy bunch of kids for one year then she wanted us again for this year! Now to the more personal stuff. I swear she is the only teacher I can actually have conversation with! Most teachers/adults will just nod there head as I speak, barely even listening! But not Mrs. Oswald! She will ask me questions in our conversations and she shares funny moments and sad moments and can really have a connection with her students! Mrs. O has given me so much wisdom you won't believe it! She likes to tell us in fifth grade she was failing math but she worked hard and look at her now! Teaching fifth graders math and so much more! The most important thing I have to say about her is she is the best teacher ever because the kids can actually relate to her!

Delaney Haase

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