Student Nomination Story

Coach Sok is an amazing instructor, coach and mentor. Since the 6th grade coach Sok (that is what we call him) has been there for me through everything at Heights. He constantly goes above and behind for me. I have struggled with hyperactivity since entering school and it often been a problem in the classroom. Coach Sok on the other hand has pulled me and had meaningful conversations with me. He has told me I am a leader and he has guided my difficulty of staying focused on helping me understand situations. I find myself being guilty until proven innocent in other classrooms. Coach Sok has explained where my behavior needs to improve and told me why certain things are not okay. He has made me say yes sir and no ma'am and explained that as a leader I need to address adults in this manner because other students are watching me. He told me when we are winning championships other schools and students are looking at us and we have a reputation to uphold. My reputation has been tarnished with some of my past choices and he tells me do not allow those choices to define who I am but rather to look forward and make better choices so that everyone will be forced to see the new more mature me. Anytime I need someone to talk to or have an issue I go to Coach Sok because I know he will give me solid advise and that he truly cares and this is not just a job for him. Some teachers, I feel, are just trying to get me out of their class, Coach Sok on the other hand wants me to succeed in life, in my future and the other students in his classes. I do not even have Coach Sok as an instructor this year and he is still a mentor and goes to bat for me to the other teachers. I have truly try my hardest so that I will not disappoint him. I cannot wait to go play sports at a High School level and get straight A's and go back and show him that his influence in my life was very effective. Even if Coach Sok does not win any awards he already has won in my book; and my parents, as well. His teaching style goes beyond the classroom and he is more interested in making us great men and women beyond Jr. High. He has said that to me, to other students, and to my parents. When I feel like giving up I take the words of my parents and Coach Sok and I keep striving to do my best. I want to use my leadership skills to do better.

Matthew Bowling

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