Student Nomination Story

Kimberly Moses is my mom and a amazing teacher. She is not my teacher but I have been a honorary student in her class. She loves rewarding kids and helping them. She makes sure she also takes precautions so she is also safe. Kids love her and any school she goes to, she is the favorite teacher there. She has 2 degrees and uses them smartly. She once showed me a cycle when I made a excuse. She said " Excuses lead you to a dead end". It was not exactly what she said but that line was related to what she really said. Her teaching skills made me smart and because of her, I skipped a grade. She is such a loving, caring person. She knows what to do in tough situations. I hope you nominate her. She has worked her whole life and dedicated it to her dream. She worked hard to get her degrees. She well deserves this award. She is such a amazing teacher. I am her fourth grade daughter and honorary student and I am proud of it.


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