Student Nomination Story

We live in the Cuyama Valley. We are faced with adversity daily. Many of us are unemployed or underemployed with no access to community college classes or job skills training. A lot of the time, students who want to be successful are required to leave the valley to gain these skills. We are faced with poverty and living in a rural location, which makes it even harder to grasp these skills we need to become successful adults. Mr. Lebsack is changing that. Mr. Lebsack has been changing that for almost 5 years now, running the agricultural and CTE program while working with the community to establish meaningful connections between students and the local employers. Mr. Lebsack has been working tirelessly to obtain grant monies for us to have new welding tables, tractors, and even a truck to drive, training us on different aspects of agricultural work available in our area and making us more marketable employees after our time at Cuyama Valley High School ends. Mr. Lebsack is giving us hope.


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