Student Nomination Story

I would like to nominate my son’s first and now second grade EC teacher, Mrs. Kerrie Harrison. Mrs. Harrison goes above and beyond for all her students as she works with grade levels K-5. She spends time with each student and their parents; making sure they are all heard and working diligently to meet their individual learning needs. She makes sure that students have fun, are engaged, and have exciting lessons (even virtually)! Mrs. Harrison met with students daily during virtual learning in the Spring 2020 to keep students moving forward in their individual learning, using small group meetings to capture students' attention. She created amazing lessons that made it easy for students and parents to learn with preparing handouts that were delivered to her students for guided readings, prepared fun games to help her students learn and reinforce learning goals and gave family support by speaking with parents like myself when we had struggles in navigating online learning and motIvating our students. Mrs. Harrison would also take extra time to listen to her students and their parents concerns during the difficult time of online leaning. Especially students with special needs, this time was a very difficult time but Mrs Harrison’s enthusiasm and support of our students made a huge impact. When we learned of our son’s learning disability Mrs. Harrison was there for our family. She spent time with us, answering all our questions and finding answers or options for ways to help our son in the areas he lacked. As a mother I felt I had missed something that I should have provided for my son, but Mrs. Harrison reassure me of all the wonderful qualities my son has. She is so patient and kind. To see her interact with students and parents; she has a heart of gold! Mrs. Harrison goes above and beyond for her students and her community! She is truly a blessing to our family. Her interventions with our son has helped him grow in his education journey. He has made leaps in his reading due to her time and carrying demeanor with our son. Mrs. Harrison would work on various ways to make learning online fun and engaging and continues to do so; teaching students both online and in the classroom. Mrs. Harrison truly cares about the students emotional and educational well being. The McKinney family is Thankful for Mrs. Kerrie Harrison of Nancy Reynolds Elementary School!

Case McKinney

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