Student Nomination Story

I came into sixth grade being terrified having anxiety in the hallways and Ms. Rock always made me feel welcomed and made me feel like I can talk to her. She helped me academically too She made me actually enjoy reading and writing. Every time I had a problem with my personal or academic life she helped me in many ways. I always used to look forward to her class and I loved her. She made everyone feel like they can do anything. One example was I was having trouble with some friends and I talked to her she told me the right thing to do and now me and this friend are stronger than ever. Another example is I hated reading at the beginning of the year and now I love reading she always made sure I found the perfect book. She made sure every thing was going good in academics and I truly couldn’t choose a better teacher for this award. She deserves it because she is caring, happy, honest, inspirational, and the best teacher ever.

Selma Mawazini

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