Student Nomination Story

My special needs child was unable to speak when he started in Ms Kelseys classroom. Now he is able to ask in 3 word sentences what he wants and is able to name and label almost everything. He participates now in classroom activities and dance class, circle time, and even classroom jobs when before he was unable to sit down for extended period of times or be social at all in this way. He will go in front of the whole classroom now with kids that are general education as well to assist the teacher as her helper or as a feelings instructor. He is excited to go to school now and loves learning in her classroom. She has such a wonderfully structured classroom and goes above and beyond for the kids with exciting and stimulating learning activities and a great reward system and daily jobs for the kids to choose from if they desire. She also goes the extra step daily to document and upload everything on class dojo so the parents can see all of the progress and accomplishments our children are making . She changed my sons life. She was able to get him to speak and express all of this knowledge inside of him that needed to be let out and to participate socially in the classroom and with his fellow classmates. He shows such love and respect for her smiling so big when he sees her everyday. She is an incredible teacher. The best I have even seen. I am forever grateful for what she has done for lives.

Michelle Assil

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