Student Nomination Story

My son is autistic and can be very difficult to deal with sometimes. He doesn't always have people looking out for him that are willing to give him extra chances. Mrs. Tolly does! She has been a blessing this year and deserves to be recognized for that! I believe that she truly loves my son and wants to see him succeed!

Jaxson Waddle

I started virtual learning in November of 2020. While all my teachers were very kind, Mrs. Tolly was by far the most fun. When we would do our weekly Zoom meetings, she would joke around and always encourage the students to socialize. I am now an in-person student and I enjoy her class more than ever. She always teaches school subjects in a quick and efficient manner. I love it when she teaches us something and then talks to us about it. A few weeks ago in class, we had a conversation in history about the family tree of Thomas Jefferson. It was an amusing yet weird topic to learn about. We talked about it for quite a while and I actually learned something in an enjoyable way. After we have completed assignments and lessons, we are allowed to socialize and have fun. We paint, draw, read, play games, or watch shows. A lot of the time we just talk. Recently we were working on an assignment on a poem called "Not My Body, Not My Bones." It was a great poem. As the finishing activity for the unit, all students in any of her classes got to draw and paint on their bodies. Some students did their faces and arms. Others did their legs. Some did all three. For those who weren't willing to do the artwork on themselves she provided canvases. That day was enjoyable for everyone. Her classes are really fun and I do well in them. If any of my teachers at PTAA deserves this nomination it is my teacher Mrs. Tolly.

Anabella Wagnon

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