Student Nomination Story

There are too many times that Ms. Stine has changed my life personally and academically. Whenever I come to her class, she makes it feel as if I'm not in class. She makes me laugh in ways that I never thought I could have laughed before. Before you say, "Oh, you're just nominating her because she makes you laugh," I have to stop you. In the midst of making us laugh, she is teaching. She teaches in ways that stick it in our brain that I could never forget. I couldn't tell you anything that I had learned about last year in science, but I can tell you the one of the first things she taught us. She taught us CTOSO (cells, tissue, organ, system, organism). This stuck in my brain because of the way she had said it, and the way she showed it. She made it sound as if we were using a katana and slicing something in half. Since it sounded this way, we used our hands and made a slicing motion in the air. Another lesson that she had taught us, were the interior organelles of a cell. I remember the lysosomes, because of the way she taught it. Because the lysosomes clean up old trash in the cell, she related it to shooing out old grandmas. Another organelle that I remember, is the mitochondria, because of the way she had said it. All in all, Ms. Stine is, hands down, one of the most amazing teachers that I have ever had.

Colton Mullen

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