Student Nomination Story

Mrs. Mendoza was a phenomenal teacher who truly cared about my success as an individual. I had the privilege of having her as a teacher for 2 years, and I remember feeling thankful for that. She was one of the first Spanish teachers to really try to get to know me, and that brings tears to my eyes even now. Her kindness meant the world to me, and she instilled a love of Spanish in my life. After graduating from high school, I wanted to obtain a minor in Spanish due to obtaining a 3 on the AP test. That was the only 3 I obtained on an AP test, and I truly do attribute that to Mrs. Mendoza because she clearly made sure that I knew the material. I didn’t have time to obtain a minor, but I am planning on taking a few more college courses in the future to obtain one. She is an educator with a heart of gold who deserves much recognition. She also helps out with the St. Baldricks organization and is always there for her students. This teacher is truly one in a million, and as a 1st year teacher, I realize how hard she worked to make a difference because I can tell you that, on some days, you question if you are making one at all. I hope you can consider her for this award.

Susan Jachymiak

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