Student Nomination Story

Our school is a low income school and most of the students are on free or reduced breakfast and lunch. There is not a lot of parent involvement with their child’s education and the teachers are fighting an uphill battle to keep students engaged. As a mom, I was worried about the lack of parental involvement from many families and I was hoping this attitude would not wear off on their children. This year when my son started third grade he was assigned a teacher that we had never met before. We immediately knew after Jayden’s first day with her that he would have an amazing year. Mrs. Yost creates an atmosphere in her classroom that just lets all of her students feel at home. Students know that she cares about each one of them as individuals and she is consistent in her expectations so they know what is required of them. Second grade was filled with many highs and lows and we expected the same this year. We are now starting February and I can honestly report that from the first day of school until now, my son has come home only reporting “highs”. He is engaged and curious and has the biggest appetite for learning new concepts now, thanks to Mrs. Yost. Her passion for reading and education is infectious and my son is constantly telling us all that he is learning this year. “Monday Morning Meetings” are one of his favorite parts of class. She has everyone sitting on the carpet and they share about their weekend or answer questions so that they can get to know each other better. Students really appreciate this time of sharing and look forward to it each week. I am so grateful for her nurturing the hearts of these 22 third graders. She teaches them songs and chants to help them remember facts and information. I get a kick hearing my little first grader repeating information about the scientific method or the water cycle because his big brother has taught him what he has learned. She has a gift for making learning fun! During winter break when we were decorating gingerbread cookies, Jayden put Greece, China, Rome, Mali, Egypt on his because he loved studying the ancient civilizations in class. Our whole family has benefited by hearing about these places around the dinner table each night. Mrs. Yost has ignited a spark in our son and she will forever hold a special place in our hearts. I hope that your organization can honor this remarkable teacher and help keep her passion for teaching alive for years to come.

Jayden Byrd

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