Student Nomination Story

The term “favorite” seems to be tossed around a lot. Each day it can change. On my first day of 7th grade, I was greeted with a smiling teacher’s face that I’ll never forget. This was my “favorite” teacher. In minutes I had felt more love from Mrs. Deaton than any other teacher. After her first year, she took a job at the high school. The amount of pride Mrs. Deaton takes in her school is immeasurable. Now, as a sophomore, Mrs. Deaton offered me to be her student teacher. While this has allowed me to help others, it has also allowed me to experience how amazing her classes still are. In her classroom, you can feel the happiness from student's faces. Sometime during every teacher's career, they’ve vocalized how exhausted they are, but in 8 years I’ve never seen Mrs. Deaton show weakness. The joy she has in her classroom provides a happy learning environment. Whether it be nature walks, building boats, or making elephant toothpaste, Mrs. Deaton knows exactly how to teach in a way her students will remember. It is with absolute honor to nominate such an amazing teacher. I’m sure hundreds of students share the uniqueness of their Favorite Teacher, but I am certain that Mrs. Kayla Deaton would be your favorite.

Samantha Turner

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