Student Nomination Story

Ms. Katy Wall, has not only changed my life but many other students. She is so kind and is the embodiment of the standards that staff at Little Miami are held to. She makes a difference in many students lives everyday. She is honestly the most kind person I know. She really takes the time to get to know her students and knows when something is off right away. My testimony is that a few weeks ago I was upset because I am type one diabetic and I was so alone in it and she was the only one I told about what was going on with me. She comforted me and was so amazing in that moment. She however did not know that I was planning on going home and hurting my self. She was the one reason that I did not do it and I saw a counselor. I am definitely a lot better now thanks to all she has done. Another example is today we had an assembly and it was really personal to me and I was crying after that and she saw me in the hallway and gave me a hug and simply made me feel better. Then at the end of the day I went to her room and I was getting some work and I simply told her thanks for being there and she gave me another hug and said you are welcome. I then told her about wanting to hurt my self and thanked her and she said to me “Aubrey you should never be to that point. You so are loved and people are here for you. I am here for you, and you are amazing.” She then gave me another hug as I left and made my day with a few sentences. I cannot use words to describe the difference she has made. In all my years of school I have never had a teacher in any way comparable to Ms. Wall. You can tell all the people she reaches and how she makes her class feel like a safe place for many students. Aside for just being good to talk to personally, she is an amazing teacher she can be funny but also keep the class on track and it makes you really respect her as she continues to change the lives of students she teaches. I strongly believe that she deserves a ton of appreciation. She comes to school everyday and is happy even if she is struggling her self she makes sure to take care of me and all her students. She really is a “school mom” to me and other students and I hope that she will continue teaching for many years and she can touch and change more students in the ways she has done for me.

Aubrey Ferrell

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