Student Nomination Story

Mrs. Lockwood is an amazing teacher that has helped me and so many other students. The first time I had her as a teacher was the last trimester of my freshman year. My class was biology B and by the time we finished I was asking her about electives I could take with her my sophomore year. This year (my sophomore year) I took a class with her every trimester. I saw her everyday and each day I walked in and she would always be smiling and would ask how I was doing or maybe how I did in a sports competition the night before. These little questions may not seem like much but it can make a student feel so cared about or brighten their day. She does not just care about our schooling but she wants to know how and what we are doing outside of school. She puts in so much time and work to help all her students learn and grow. She comes in hours before school begins just to set up a lab for her classes, she spends hours grading just so we can see our tests the next day. The week before exams I had to miss a few days of school and Mrs. Lockwood was the first teacher to contact me. The very next morning she met me early at the school to help me make up a quiz and ensure I was ready for exams the next week. I also know I am not the only student she has done this for. Anytime someone misses a day Mrs. Lockwood never hesitates to volunteer her time to help any student. She makes you feel loved, cared for, and important at school. I have had so many conversations with her where we just laugh and talk for a long time about school or family or sports. It always makes me so much happier when I go into her class knowing that she's going to smile and make me smile while we are learning. Mrs. Lockwood is respected by all the students and is known by all as a caring teacher that's also going to help you learn. She is able to make even the most boring things fun by tying in both hers and our personal lives. I have watched her support both me and my classmates through so many different classes. Mrs. Lockwood and I have had so many fun times and laughs and it would take forever to write all those happy times and memories down. Even as I am writing this I just keep thinking of more memories I could share from classes, outside of school, labs, and so much more. As I was making my schedule for next year I made sure to keep room for more of her classes because I can't imagine not having her as a teacher. I will never forget her and although she is my teacher I will remember her more as someone I could trust and someone who cared about both my academic and personal life. Even in just the last year she has prepared me so much for life and college and I can't wait to take more of her classes next year. I know I am not the only student that Mrs. Lockwood has such an impact on and I am sure I won't be the last. Thank You Mrs. Lockwood.

Maria Mandrelle

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