Student Nomination Story

Mrs. McDaniel is the realest teachers of Berea middle school. She's one of the strongest women that I know in my life! She inspires me to keep writing while helping me improve along the way. I remember the day that all the students were on the bleachers watching a movie and that she came up to me and asked me how I was. She had seen how depressed I was the week before. She told me that she had prayed for me over the weekend. I love her with all my heart which I know is very weird since most of the time students don't really see teachers like that. I see Mrs. McDaniel as my school mom. She reminds her class that if they ever need help to go to her whenever we have time. She takes her time to prepare us for tests in the future even if her voice is hoarse. I wish I could show her how much more I appreciate her but I just don't know how so this is the least I could do. She makes me feel like I belong in the classroom..unlike in other classes where I feel odd. She's just an awesome teacher. I've only had this semester with her and it makes me sad that we're almost going into second semester and that I won't be able to see her as much but I hope I'll have her next year. Mrs. McDaniel is my favorite teacher here at Berea Middle School. She honestly deserves more recognition for how supportive, patient, and kind she is towards her students. I also remember the time I had to go see the counselor during class. She didn't ask any questions she just let me get a pass and head on. Other teachers would normally say no or ask why during class. She's the only one who noticed immediately that I was upset. My point is that Mrs. McDaniel is the literal best and deserves a whole lot more for dealing with the students she deals with every day. We've only had one substitute for her class this year for when she had to go to her friend's funeral. I respect her a lot. She talks a lot about hardships in the past without bursting into tears like I would. Mrs. McDaniel is already here in the mornings when you are walking to class. WE LOVE YOU MRS. MCDANIEL!

Lizzeth Vaquera

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