Student Nomination Story

Ms. Villone definitely deserves to be nominated for this award. Before I came to her class, I didn't do much charity around my community. But as soon as I walked into her class, she changed me. Ms. Villone had everyone involved in programs around Bergenfield. Our project that year was the Georgie Badiel Foundation. The foundation helped children in Burkina Faso get clean water. Ms. Villone introduced my friends and I to it, and to raise money we collected water bottles and cashed them in for 5 cents. It was hard work, but when we helped restore wells and plant trees after we sent the money to Africa, she showed us that even the small things that can't change the world could change somebody's world. Ms. Villone was not only an inspiration to me, but to the whole school. Even after I moved on to 5th grade, she still helped me to remember that no matter how young or old you are, you can always make a difference. She is still my teacher, even if I'm not her student.

Merinrose Jojy

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