Student Nomination Story

Since I would like this to be anonymous I am going to be vague but I just want her to know what an impact she has had on me one of her current students with out her even knowing. My year had be pretty hard but her opening up to me and making me feel better about myself when I was put down in other things has helped tremendously. She is an amazing person and deserves to be recognized. She is very considerate and goes above and beyond for all of her students. Trying to get every opportunity she can for her students. She is dedicated the Ashley Hall choir program. Trying to get every opportunity. She has opened up about not getting to see her son that often due to work but she doesn’t let that stop her from doing what she loves. Even though she won’t know who this is from I hope she reads this and knows that she is a special person and I am lucky to have her as my teacher and role model. Ashley Hall is lucky to have her and I am also lucky to have her as a teacher, a friend, and a role model.


Since I would like this to be anonymous for many reasons but mostly not wanting other students to find out who did this, but if you guess I would like it not to be known to everyone. I nominate Mrs.Clarkson for this award. I know she truly deserves it. This entire year has been kind of hard for me mentally, emotionally, and physically but the whole way she has been with me and I don't even think she knows half of everything she has helped with. This year we have made a big transition in a school career at Ashley Hall and she has helped every step of the way. Every year Ashley Hall does the Christmas play and now that it is over if she reads this she needs to know how grateful I am for all of her hard work. She has also given me some of the best advice I have ever gotten. I have had so much this year with her and I just want her to know that. We have gone on a few trips this year with her this year already (some with interesting people) but no matter what it was I have had so much fun. Just talking with her is most of the time the highlight of my day.


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