Student Nomination Story

Growing up I was never noticed by teachers in good ways and had gone through a lot of tough times. Teachers knew me as a bad kid because of the way I would stand up for myself. I had started to give up my dreams of going to LSU and going to a community college because of how much I had hated going to school. When I was young I had been always been known as a smart kid who didn't apply herself and I truly hit a low when my sophomore year I had failed a few classes one quarter. I wasn't the type of kid teachers wanted as their student. But, junior year was when I had one teacher, Ms. Williams, who looked past everything and saw me as the person I truly am and knew me before I knew myself. She believed in me, was there for me through the rough times, and is the reason that during my senior year I had such tight bonds with my teachers. She tries so incredibly hard to make her students feel safe and included in her classroom as all teachers should. She drives over 2 states lines in order to help students grow and learn. She perfectly demonstrates the reason why teachers do what they do, because they care and want us to be successful. I went from a kid who hated school and got B's and C's, to a straight A student my senior year. There are too many memories I have with Ms. Williams but my favorite was the day I handed her my college essay. She is normally a freshman English teacher. However, during my junior year the school was short staffed for English teachers so they had her teach one section of English. Our class was...... tough... The kid were crazy and the class was almost impossible to keep under control. So for my college essay I decided to write about one of many days she went out of her way to make sure I was okay, despite going down to the principles office for yelling at one of my classmates. As I watched Ms. Williams read the essay not only did she tear up, not only did I tear up, but so did my senior year English teacher. Ms. Williams is such a strong, caring, and overall amazing person who deserves the world. She's the reason I am who I am today and I wish everyone got the chance to experience everything I did with her. She truly changed me for the best. Although she was unable to attend my graduation, she gave me the sweetest gift that was clearly thought out. I used to always eye her monogrammed tote bag so she got me my very own! She also gifted me a Tiffany blue journal because of my obsession with Audrey Hepburn, graduation mad-libs because well, she IS an English teacher, as well as a really cute bracelet with a graduation cap that has my year of graduation. As I'm getting ready to leave for college, all I can think about is how I will never be back in High School and all I can hope is for my college professors to be a fraction of the teacher she is. After all of the disrespect from my classmates during junior year English, I'm so extremely thankful for her not letting the tremendous respect I have for her be looked over. I want everyone to be aware of how amazing of a person Ms. William's is and how she goes above and beyond as a teacher but never get recognized as she should. I will never forget the impact this woman made on me and can't wait to tell her about all of the things I have accomplished since leaving High School. I have become such a dedicated learner since being her student and will now be studying Biological Sciences as well as Secondary Education and Law at Louisiana State University.

Sofia Rosa

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