Student Nomination Story

My name is Tinesha Warren and my daughter is Truth Warren. When she was born, the doctor told me more than half of her brain was going to be non functional. All throughout school she had a very rough time, until she meet Ms.Ray. Ms.Ray took her time to teach Truth and help her understand not only math but also other subjects as well. When I went to a parent and teacher conference not one teacher told me how they are helping Truth and how much she has grown but Ms.Ray. She is the first teacher that I met that loves teaching and not just doing it for a paycheck . I have seen so much growth in her since having Ms.Ray as a teacher and I'm very thankful for her. We need more teachers like her because she never gets frustrated or upset with the students if they do not understand something. Instead she made up ways for them to learn it better whether that was through a song or a game. She is truly inspirational.

Tinesha Warren

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