Student Nomination Story

My teacher, Mrs. Turner, has always put a smile on every persons face each morning. She has had the most significant change to my life and others. She is so selfless, kind, caring, sweet, fun, and courageous. She always has the best lessons and she spends some of her nights doing them. She is honestly the best teacher anyone could ask for. She is always making sure we understand the lesson so we do not go home not knowing what to do. She treats everyone the same, while making sure we have fun durning the lesson. Ms. Turner has always gone above and beyond in everything she does. She teaches Reading, Writing, and Social Studies while trying to manage her Homeroom, which I am in. She has always been my favorite. She is AMAZING at explaining her lessons and makes sure if we would like to participate durning it, that she would let us. She has made deals with us that if we all get an 80+ percent on one of our tests, she would dance in front of the class. Do not forget about that time that she showed us her doing the Renegade. Also, the time that she let us watch a movie with snacks. Anyways, you get my point. MY teacher is the BEST teacher of 6th Grade in Arizona!

Evie Thiebaut

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