Student Nomination Story

I am Karston Soellner in 5th grade. This is my first year of middle school. So today I nominate my teacher because we all like her. She is funny and makes us like school. Here are a few examples: 1. When the class is being loud and she needs our attention she'll say, "Red Robin!" And we answer "Yum." 2. If you need something for class she'll throw it to you. She throws sharpies, pens, sticky notes. 3. When we have a test, she'll call it a quiz so we're not scared. 4. When we have Iowa testing she makes it fun. She'll say, "Repeat after me: I am smart. I can do this. I am not afraid. Let's do this!" 5. She dresses in funny costumes. 6. She likes to join us in sports. She came to track practice and ran with us. 7. She encourages me to like reading. 8. She has funny ideas. She had us read doing funny things. I stood on a soccer ball and read and had to have my mom take a picture of it. I wore a raccoon hat, I jumped off the couch. 9. She makes up ideas like doing prayer list on a notecard, listing 3 things about your weekend. 10. She shows us pictures of things we did in the month and shows them in a short video. It's fun to watch.

Karston Soellner

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