Student Nomination Story

As an elementary student, and confidently speaking on behalf of my peers, we are inspired by our third-grade teacher, Mrs. Kari Beussink. She has a magical way of making learning meaningful and fun. She makes, not only me, but every student in her class believe they can accomplish any dream if they work hard enough. She creates memories that inspire us to be the best version of ourselves. Mrs. Beussink helps support our academic growth by: •Setting high expectations for achievement •Making sure we perform at or above expectations •Using up to date research and technology •Planning instructional strategies •Applying higher-order learning skills •Applying information-processing strategies •Applying complex learning tasks •Using cooperative learning in the classroom •Using invitational learning in the classroom •Articulating information clearly •Applying classroom management Mrs. Beussink inspires us to continuously explore new interests and dreams. She ensures our success and encourages us to always fulfill our potential. She has made us realize that we can accomplish amazing things. She helps us accomplish short-term goals, and guides us towards future success. Mrs. Beussink has a calming presence. She makes us feel safe and confident. Her passion for education, passes on to us, her students, making her the best teacher. She doesn’t just model patience, but teaches it as a life skill. For example, I was always in a rush to see results and I made lots of mistakes, but Mrs. Beussink taught me to slow down and keep my thinking ahead of the work. She expands our horizons and always gives us rigorous content and pushes us to see beyond the small town in which we live. She believes that we can always do more, and teaches us to never settle. She respects us, yet challenges us to reach our full potential. She laughs with us, gets mad and frustrated with us, and celebrates with us. Life-changing teachers, like Mrs. Beussink, have the gift of seeing potential in children when others don’t, and then has the perseverance to help the children find it within themselves. She shows love for us, through small but meaningful gestures of kindness, making a positive impact on each and everyone of us. She is aware that motivating us isn’t about convincing us to see things as she sees them or forcing us to be excited about something we aren’t excited about. She knows it is about putting us, the students first; identifying our likes, dislikes, interests, or desired outcomes to see if she can incorporate any of those into lessons in a way that gets us to engage with the content. Ultimately, we are beyond grateful and feel extremely fortunate to have Mrs. Beussink as not only our teacher, but mentor. She realizes that the most direct and longest-lasting way to reach us, to really make a difference in our lives, is through dimensions like passion, patience, rigor, and kindness. Her prevailing teachings, energy, and sparkle is our essential foundation of how we live our lives.

Madelyn Nienaber

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