Student Nomination Story

Mrs. Yost goes above and beyond to make her classroom feel like home. All year they had class meetings every Monday where she gathered them all up close on the carpet and had a time of sharing. My son was constantly tells nag me how much he loved that time because they got to know each other better and really felt like a family. She has inspired all her students to love reading and she always makes sure that they know that their opinion matters. She was continually challenging my them to be “problem solvers”. I loved hearing about all of their discussions based on this concept. Another favorite memory for my son this year is their sharing time with their journals. She had a small step in the room that anyone who wanted to share some writing from their journal could step up onto, use her fun little microphone and read it to the class. Such an amazing way to work on public speaking. These students will always remember their third grade teacher because she not only loved them and taught them to respect each other, but because she inspired them to make a difference in our community. She continually reminded them to be doing random acts of kindness and it was incredible to see how FAR their acts spread! She had a map of the US up and was charting where their acts spread to. There is a picture of the map in the attached video. My son is so sad that his year with her got cut short. If you watch this video we made for her, you will get a feel for all the learning that took place. She is truly exceptional and should be recognized for all that she did this year. Anyone that walked into her classroom knew that they would want to stay as long as possible. I have never seen a teacher more deserving of this recognition. I hope that you will select her and let her know how much her hard work is appreciated.

Jayden Byrd

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