Student Nomination Story

This teacher deserves so much. I have never ever met any teacher with equal dedication and enthusiasm as Ms. McPhee. She is the IB Dance teacher at Edgewood High School. However, she teaches much more than dance. Not only did I learn the various cultural dances, I also learned to be a better person. No matter what happens, Ms. Mcphee acts on her principles. After a day of sitting in class, I come to the revitalizing IB Dance class, where I unleash my emotions into my movements, letting myself be carried by the beats. There is nothing that feels more like a community than the synchronized movements of dancers. Ms. McPhee is our guidance towards greatness. She fervently explains every detail in her dance lessons. She would leave no student behind, always taking time to answer my questions. I can see her passion for changing lives gleaming through her piercing blue eyes. Ms. McPhee hosts annual dance showcases. In each choreography piece, she makes sure that all students get a chance to shine. What surprised me the most is that she pays for every costume with her own money! She is no rich person. I see her struggling to find the best deal with her low budget, yet she manages to make every student look like professional dancers anyway. One time, Ms. McPhee almost fainted before a dance showcase from overworking. I am forever awed by her perseverance. She has a vibrant heart and an invigorating voice that strives to make a difference in students' lives. Ms. McPhee is always patient with students, and I mean genuinely. Going through 18 years of school, I have seen too many teachers who do not want to be there. But Ms. McPhee is different. She truly cares about every individual. As a high school senior, I often consider myself the busiest person on earth. However, Ms. McPhee works three times harder (she has to work 3 jobs). While I could certainly spend my time applying for scholarships or scrolling through Facebook, Ms. McPhee’s dedication has pushed me to nominate her. I feel that I will forever regret if I do not nominate her, since she is the greatest teacher I have encountered. I want her work to be recognized. Ms. McPhee deserves so much. So much. (the picture is a clip from one of the many dance performances)

Vanessa Li

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