Student Nomination Story

Mrs. Powell connects with every student on an emotional and learning level. She makes learning fun even in the pandemic era of learning. She ensures every student is engaged daily and that they stay active. She has created video lessons that not only teach our children but engage their humor. Just last week in her health lesson she was teaching the difference between “careful” and “careless”, she threw herself into a pool to show how to be careless. My child has since been pointing out things they do carefully and things I do carelessly. Mrs. Powell also has costumes that she will wear to engage the children’s imagination with reading and science. This could be a simple hat to a full costume. She makes learning fun and memorable. At the same time even in virtual learning she has excellent classroom management skills. She does not tolerate children disrespecting one another or other staff members. She always gives fair warnings from what I see before taking corrective action. Out of all of the school aged children I have had attend Lewisdale I have never had such a privilege of working with such a true professional educator that puts the need of every student 1st. Mrs. Powell is truly one of a kind and I am so proud that she is my child’s teacher. I pray that every child has the same experience mine does. Our world needs more educators and true professionals like Mrs. Powell. She even engages the children in activities they are involved in like Pokémon and current cartoons to engage their daily lives. She truly displays she loves what she does! I cannot wait for the adventure of the rest of this school year with her!! Please do what ever it takes to keep her here she truly is needed in this community!! Speaking of community Mrs. Powell has been seen handing out so many FREE BOOKS at the lunch pick-ups last year. This was so amazing she and Ms. Miller had what seemed like thousands of books to give our students. They are amazing human beings and we need more like them. Mrs. Powell is most deserving of any award that can be given as she truly is a blessing to our students and community. Thank you for the opportunity to express this with the administration!


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