Student Nomination Story

Mr.Brown is more than just a teacher. He is a mentor, a role model, and a literal lifesaver. One of my best friends (whose name I won't share for the sake of her privacy) was battling with depression and suicide. She confided in me and I had to let a trusted adult know. I told Mr.Brown because he's trained in suicide counseling, he's level headed and convincing. He talked to her and continued to do so until we started to see a difference in her demeanor. He also got her to reach out to the school therapist and now she's doing so much better. He founded the STEM program and the FRC team at my high school (he also teaches some other subjects including psychology and engineering) and he's worked hard his whole teaching career to better our lives and educations, to provide us with so many great opportunities. The Kealakehe alumni that were in STEM have gotten accepted into some of the best schools in the country (even got scholarships), and honestly, that’s all thanks to Mr.Brown. Every year, we take a class trip to participate in various competitions, see different universities and tour different companies (INCLUDING GOOGLE). He helps us make connections outside of high school to benefit our futures.Even throughout this quarantine, he’s been trying his hardest to keep everyone’s morale up. He’s organized 30+ career panels for us students to watch, he’s made engineering challenges and other enrichment activities. He's given me as well as the entire STEM Ohana a second home, new friends, and a family. He’s changing the course of our lives (in the best of ways) by opening new doors for us, creating opportunities we wouldn’t have otherwise. Mr.Brown is literally training us to give back to the community and create a better future for everyone. He’s teaching us important values and skills that will come in handy in the future. Thanks to Mr.Brown, my best friend is still alive. Thanks to Mr.Brown, my classmates and I have a better chance of getting accepted into the colleges and universities we dream of. And thanks to Mr.Brown, I have hope for the future.

Jasmine Alip

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