Student Nomination Story

My daughter, Hannah Louis, collected her cap and gown today. Without Ms. Walker's guidance and assistance, this wouldn't be possible. You see, Hannah received multiple concussions in her junior year. Due to these concussions, Hannah experienced delays in mental cognition and had an extremely hard time in school. Ms. Walker encouraged Hannah not to focus on all she was missing and take each task one at a time, while working on a plan to get Hannah back on track. Unfortunately for Hannah, the issues she suffered in junior year carried into her senior year. The concussion had left Hannah with anxiety and depression. While Hannah worked with her doctors, Ms Walker continued to support Hannah at school. Her dedication to Hannah's success was amazing. She encouraged both Hannah and I to continue to stay "in the game". When Hannah struggled, Ms Walker was there to back her up. When Hannah succeeded, Ms Walker was there cheering her on. Hannah worked through her anxiety and depression and came back full force and the end of the first term entering second term. Then COVID-19 struck. This was another blow to Hannah and her anxiety. Ms Walker was there every step of the way. When online classes began, Hannah struggled with the new format. Ms Walker was there to guide Hannah through the struggle. Ms. Walker's dedication to her students is amazing. She was invested in Hannah's success. I know for certain, without her guiding hand, Hannah would not have made it through school. The odds were against her. Thank you Ms Walker, we are forever in your debt.

Hannah Louis

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