Student Nomination Story

My teacher, Mrs. Rowe, has changed my life in so many ways. When I first entered her class during seventh grade I was scared, low in self esteem, and postive I would fail the seventh grade. But Mrs. Rowe was able to show me ho weasy literature could actually be and how fun it is as well. She helped me discover my love of writing and how I might even want a career in it in the future. She helped me calm down a lot and to not stress about certain things as much as I was. She takes into account the feelings of her students and always seems to know each indivicial student she has and their personalities. There are many times when she encourages quiet or shy people to come out of their shell and share what they're thinking with the class. She's always trying to get us to share what we think, for no opinion is wrong if "..we include the right evidence for it." She's just overall a wonderful teacher who I personaly think deserves the title as best teacher.

Emily Setser

Mrs. Rowe is very nice. She is more of my friend and less a teacher-however I still respect her as such. She has helped me to become a better writer and more.

Piper Huffins

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