Student Nomination Story

My teacher has changed my life in so many ways! She taught me to be resilient and always believe in yourself. She never let us down and made me believe that people can change your life as she did. I wrote this email to her a while ago and thought I'd share it. "Have you always wanted that perfect teacher? Well, I got one. Her name is Mrs. Shoup. She has a smile that can catch anyone's eye, and she uses the kindest most calming words that make you feel like you're in a big relieving hug.( She gives the best ones too) Mrs. Shoup is that one teacher that you don't even think she knows your name but always says good morning and asks how are you. Then you realize the next day she took the time to memorize and remember your name just so she could say good morning again. Mrs. Shoup always says make today great. By just having her around makes your day better than it ever could be. She has a warm spirit that is always there for you. She even can get a whole crowd laughing in a second. She is the best story teller too, for she never gives up a chance to use a silly voice or get into detail. One thing about her is she never stops thinking. She always has a question going in her head as she is answering about ten more from her students. She is a hard working teacher and deserves anything good coming her way, for she has only done as much good as 10 people could do on this earth. One thing that is especially noticeable is that she never gives up. As we like to say we are the Shouper Stars and we are resilient. Right now is rough time for everyone, but it is also a good time to be resilient. As we are doing are best to do online school and everything, Mrs. Shoup makes it one hundred times easier by being the best teacher I could imagine. Thank you so much for the best experience as a Shouper Star. As I reread this it really got me crying. I hope you liked it. Love from the bottom of my heart, Charlotte" She changed the way I think and my life, so I want to change her's! I really felt that this sums up what Mrs. Shoup is capable of and I think she deserves a win after how many wins she has given her students including me.

Charlotte Young

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