Student Nomination Story

It started on a field trip to the US National Holocaust Museum on February 6th. Up until that point I had only wanted to be a Pediatric Neurologist. I wanted to help kids. On the Holocaust Museum field trip, I knew I wanted to help kids learn more about this. I wanted people to see what was happening, and what we can do to stop it. I wanted to be a History Teacher. Now, how does Mr. Pagac come into play? Well, Mr. Pagac is such an amazing teacher. He always makes sure that we understand everything and knows how to connect history to the real world. He gives us the opportunity to explore new things revolving around history. He always makes sure that his classroom is safe for all of his students, no matter what. Trust me (from personal experience) you could be having the worst day of your life, but after you walk into Mr. Pagac’s class your whole day can be flipped around. Mr. Pagac also doesn’t try to be a teacher who just teaches, he wants you to understand the subject. He wants you to learn and have fun while learning. He wants to help his students as much as he can, and he really does.

Kadyn Bunting

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