Student Nomination Story

Mr. Gronlund is one of the most dedicated, inspiring, and caring teacher that Manual Arts has come across with. He only began teaching choir a little over 2 years ago and has come such a far way since. Mr. Gronlund has created a safe space within the school, something that was truly needed. I don't think that anyone has negative feelings towards Mr. G. He's always spreading positivity and teaching us ways to handle of what could be our daily stresses. Most, if not all, of his students who attend his class had no idea or like towards music. Mr. Gronlund has definitely changed that by making the best and most of what he teaches. He is both dedicated and in love with what he does and it's something that you can see through his teaching. His class is filled with both laughs and challenges which makes it quite special. Going back to the first day we walked into his class, he taught us since then to be more confident and to make bold mistakes. Mr. Gronlund is truly, honestly, a one of a kind teacher and we are honored to call him our choir teacher.

Dalia Ruano

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