Student Nomination Story

Always reaching the hearts of the students at Casa Grande Union High School, and all those around him, current math teacher Mr.Muñoz, is an outstanding example to follow as a teacher and individual. Constantly answering difficult questions, teaching so that all students can understand, and giving a constant vibe of positivity, Mr.Muñoz makes math class an hour of enjoyment, rather than misery. There wasn't a day I wouldn't want to learn or ask for assistance on school work, because Mr. Muñoz is always comprehensive, joyful, and patient; he is this way with everyone. Patiently waiting for me to ask my daily question: "why does this happen?" or "how does that happen?", Mr.Muñoz makes Honors Algebra III easier to comprehend for me and all those in class. Never saying no for an answer, he enthusiastically answers all class questions, in order for all the students to learn from them. In Mr. Muñoz's class it is impossible for the students even previously indifferent about learning, to leave his class not learning something new ---every day. Staying after school as often as possible, even when having his family waiting for him at home, he ensures I (like many students) understand the entirety of the lessons previously taught. Also creating a tutoring program for students to help fellow classmates, he gives the possibility for all students to grasp the math concepts previously taught in class. Even developing a YouTube channel for learners who may have missed class earlier, or may even desire to re-watch the lesson already taught, Mr. Munoz uses multiple unique methods to reach out to students so they can learn. Recognizing the students who work endless hours studying to acquire the math knowledge necessary, Mr. Muñoz also encourages those who may need an extra push. For his contagious energy and eagerness to teach all his students, he is an individual who has inspired many to do as he, and never give in to challenges- in or outside the classroom. His own dedication to his students has and continues to inspire them to give class as much dedication as he gives to them. Telling jokes constantly to get his students engaged, laughter is always heard at the right moments, and smiles seen across all listeners faces adding to Mr. Muñoz uniqueness of teaching. Capable of being motivated to be joyous and devoted by his simple presence, Mr. Muñoz is a true role model to his students . Truly an outstanding teacher and person, Mr. Muñoz has touched the lives of all those around him, causing them to enhance as students and citizens. Rare it is to find someone who can touch the lives of so many being on a daily basis; Mr. Muñoz has done just that. Therefore, I nominate he as the teacher of many, who is the true definition of honor and inspiration.

Adriana Gonzalez-Chavez

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