Student Nomination Story

Mr. Martin goes above and beyond for the students at Garrard Middle School. He is an eighth-grade social studies teacher whose lessons exceed farther than just the classroom. Yes, he teaches students US history but also teaches us life lessons, morals, and more. Mr. Martin is a father figure to all of his students and is always offering advice. From issues at home to breakups, Mr. Martin is there for his students. He is in charge of the middle school's academic team and student council. The kids on the academic team and student council are very grateful for Mr. Martin. He has taught us students that we are worth more than we think. He has taught us that we are smart, capable, and will change the world. Mr. Martin pushes us in the best way and has shown the students of Garrard Middle that they are the future of Kentucky and that we WILL change the world for the better. Mr. Martin gives students confidence and hope. Mr. Martin has taught me to believe in myself. He taught me that I do matter as a person and I will change the world. He has supported me in all things I have done. Mr. Martin has helped me not only with academics or my dreams, but he has helped me with my personal life as well. From guiding me through best friend and boyfriend breakups to providing advice on my home life situations, he has always been there for me and many others. Everyone at Garrard Middle, both the students and staff, are grateful for Jonathan Martin in every way. He is more than deserving of this nomination. A little bit about Jonathan Martin: He has been teaching for about eighteen years and has a Masters degree in Social Studies for grades 8-12. He is a father of two and a loving husband. He has a strange obsession with Star Wars and loves to make everyone laugh. Martin graduated from the University of Kentucky (and has remained a big fan), travels frequently, and coaches a youth soccer team.

Alexandria Carroll

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