Student Nomination Story

Mr. C is an incredible man. He has taught for 40 years at Louisburg High School. This year he will retire from the only teaching job he has ever had. He is an amazing inspiration to his 5th-12th-grade bands. He spent years building a family out of the Wildcat Band. He teaches his students more than just music, he teaches us important life lessons. Like our marching show, Dangerous, had a song called You Don't Own Me, and he explained the purpose of the song. He encourages his students to push themselves. When I moved here from Topeka in the middle of the year, he welcomed me and introduced me to people who are now my dearest friends. He spent 12 years applying the Louisburg Wildcat Band to march in the Tournament of Roses Parade and last year he finally got us there. Tiny Louisburg marched in a parade viewed by millions and was only 1 of 10 bands to get there! He pushed us with summer conditioning and rehearsals. He also helped come up with fundraisers so we could raise half a million dollars to get there. He turned this small town band into something nationally renowned. He created the tradition of the Electric Light Show where the band covers their uniforms in Christmas lights and marches at the stadium in the dark for the entire community! His favorite phrase to say to his band is, "The Band Makes Me Strong." This is a true testament to his entire career. He inspires us daily. "Schools are not museums. We don't hang things on the wall and only think of the past. Schools are about the future and where we can go from here." He has a red sign on the wall with 'The Future' on it that encourages us to look forward to the next step. He isn't your typical teacher, he doesn't go through the motions. He believes in what he calls "positive patriotism" where the band gives back to the community. Every year we play on Veteran's day at the cemetery. We understand the importance of believing in our country thanks to him. Every band trip he includes something patriotic that we can do for communities such as the memorial for enduring heroes in Pasadena. He pushes us to do our very best and expects the best. He inspires everyone and shows how much he loves his job every single day. Thanks to Mr. C, I have amazing friends, a band that's my family in hardship and picked up two more instruments. I hope that Mr.C wins this award, he deserves it with his selflessness, his humbleness. He shows us that the band is more than a class. It's something that teaches us how to view life with pride. The following is the chant we echo every single day that brings us closer together and shows us that we are not alone and we are worth something great. " Feet," "Together!" "Stomach," "In!" "Chest," "Out!" "Shoulders," "Back!" "Head," "Up!" "Eyes," "With Pride!" "The band makes me strong" "THE BAND MAKES ME STRONG!!"

Faithanne Burgoon

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